Proven track record

We understand industrial machines and how to monitor them and interpret their data. We have satisfied clients of more than 10 years standing. Motornostix strives to be the best provider of remote online condition monitoring services in the industry.

Solutions to match client needs

Motornostix has the capability to configure customized applications of condition monitoring technologies to match the unique requirements of each situation.

Long-term partnership

We are not in the business of moving product but of providing long-term value. Our Field Service team and Condition Monitoring Analyst team work with you to ensure that our system remains in good working order and that the data can be interpreted accurately and that you can be provided with appropriate and timeous information.

Cost-effective and scalable solutions

Motornostix offers scalable and modular solutions, with seamless upward migration from portable data collection devices to full remote online monitored systems, all through the same web portal.