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The cost effective approach that applies to all CBM tools.

 Assiting you to get the right CBM techniques work for your: Type of machine, possible failures and criticallity of machine

 Why following a  "thought it is a good idea" approach if there is a simple way to know what will work? The wrong tool, or tools not integrated into the maintenance plan costs companies dearly.  The correct tools, supported by a maintenance and monitoring plan substantially improves the chance of detecting and preventing failures.  This is when condition monitoring give the best benefit of increase availbility and reduced cost.


Prevention is the best. Early detection is next. Know that the health is changing.


How would the maintenance person know what to look for first? Identification of possible faults. Identification evaluates the severity of the detected change in health and compare it with standards for the health of similar machine.  More knowledge of a condition monitoring techniques is required at this level.


Continuous monitor of an existing fault can reduce the result and cost of returning the machine to good health.  Monitoring provides the necessary warning capability to escallate any further deterioration in the machine health.    Monitoring can be conducted on a regular time based method by applying the same tools and tecniques used to detect and idenfify the fault.  Employing manpower to perform this regular data logging function can strain costly human resource. This is where on-line systems gives the most cost effective solution.  It is almost like ICU in a hospital - a change in health measures/synptoms will alert the right people.

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Industry 4.0, IIoT and CBM - 29 November 2017

WATCH THIS SPACE - Machine CM to digital transformation. 

19 years of Motornostix's experience in developing and supplying expert condition monitoring solutions over the Internet is on the verge of opening new capabilities to change the way people see and care for their assets.


Get your own in-house vibration monitoring solution. - 01 September 2018


Cost effective and scaled to suit your budget

For non-condition monitoring people needing a own vibration solution with backup from CM specialists. EASY TO USE! 

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BEARING CHECKER - lubrication and bearing checking for the artisan - 13 February 2012

CHECK bearings proven technology. Cost effective. Pocket size. Be quick to check bearings and lubrication. No SETUP required. Anybody, just about, can use it. 

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