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Vibration Surveys - vibration collector, client collection, remote analysis

The new easy way to collect and analyse vibration on machines.  Data captured by site personnel for analysis by a remote or on-site analyst. Data collection is easy and integrity is guaranteed.

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  • A comprehensive in-house managed vibration survey solution
  • Employees capture vibration data during routine physical inspections - anybody can log the data
  • Cost effective handheld data collector
  • Predetermined ID Buttons - Make no mistake, IT IS EASY!
  • Remote analysis and reporting by Motornostix or your own analyst - cloud based application
  • Well suited solution for maintenance service providers and OEM's



  • Cost effective
  • NO CAPEX required options
  • Convenient for any maintenance person
  • Easy to implement with the help of our guidelines
  • Ease of use - lightweight and simple 2 button operation
  • Access your data from almost any internet PC - we warehouse the data
  • Death of distance - no travel cost - collect new data as often as you need to

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ID Canary™ and the ID Canary logo are trade marks of Motornostix (Pty) Ltd

Motornostix provides

-   Vibration logger (ID Canary™) including ID reading sensor

-   Permanently installed 3 axis vibration sensors with connector terminals(optional)

-  ID point buttons

-  Route administration software

-  Condition monitoring implementation guidelines

-  Web-based analysis application

-   Remote analysis support

-  Secure data warehousing in the cloud

-  Prepaid options

-  Uncapped options for qualifying licensed companies and enterprises

The Client provides

-     Machine-specific info

-     Manage resources to log vibration data

-     Payment for ID buttons and logger hardware

-     Payment for monthly services and prepaid scans

-     Feedback to Motornostix Analyst

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18 years of Motornostix's experience in developing and supplying expert condition monitoring solutions over the internet is on the verge of opening up a world of capabilities to change the way people think and do maintenance.

MACHINE HEALTH PEACE of MIND™ like never before.

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